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Coffin-borne Airborne FETÖ Escapee

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(Sabah Newspaper, 28 June 2017)

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Bayındır, 'grieving widow' and magic carpet.

İbrahim Faruk Bayındır, the owner of Tarkim Aviation, which has ties
to the Fethullah Gülen Terror Organization (FETÖ), had fake funeral
documents prepared and put himself into a coffin to escape Turkey
after the failed coup of 15 July 2016.

Bayındır's 'coffin' was put onto his firm's private jet at Atatürk Airport
in Istanbul and the plane flew first to Erbil in northern Iraq before
continuing on to Miami.  Bayındır, who was implicated in the video
tapes scandal that targetted the MHP (Nationalist Peoples Party) and
the murder of journalist Haydar Meriç, was a key FETÖ operative.

Istanbul Public Prosecutor Hasan Yılmaz has determined that after
the failed FETÖ coup attempt, Bayındır hid out in Istanbul's Sefaköy
neighborhood, near the airport, and then moved to a house close by
in Ataköy.  He summoned his driver Nurullah Şimşek, who picked up
Bayındır in Ortaköy and took him to his home, where the coffin plan
was hatched.

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Pilot Özlem hanım rather happy to see a dead man walking.

On the day of the escape, 22 July, Şimşek drove Bayındır to the airport
in a white Range Rover and dropped off the 'coffin' with Bayındır in it
at Tarkim's airport facility on the runway.  The 'coffin' was loaded onto
Tarkim's private jet piloted by Özlem Schafer, who was shocked to see
Bayındır rise from the coffin once the plane was airborne.  Bayındır
took 21 suitcases  (!) with him.

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Fethullah Gülen, in his air traffic control center in Saylorsburg 
PA, pictured moments after Bayındır's escape on 22 July 2016. 

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