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Noah's First Stop, After the Flood

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 31 May 2017)

‘Ölümsüzlük Şehri’ gün yüzüne çıkarılıyor
Animal mosaic provides incontrovertible proof of Noah's visit.

As the waters began to recede after The Great Flood, one of the first stops
for the Prophet Noah's ark was Misis Antique City in Adana's Yüreğir district.
The source of this claim comes from a mosaic which has emerged at the
excavation of Misis.  There are similar mosaics in Israel and Jordan.

The excavation at Yüreğir, named "The Immortal City Misis Project", began
in 2012 led by Prof. Dr. Anna Lucia D'Agata and Prof. Dr. Giovanni Salmeri
of Pisa University in Italy.  Project sponsor Yüreğir Mayor Mahmut Çelikhan
explained that "we're making new finds every day. This will give us great
tourism potential for the next 10 years.  Work will be focused on the fortress
gate, which belongs to the Late Hittite Period."

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Preparing to dock at Misis.  The first Rainbow Coalition.

Misis Antique City has been settled uninterruptedly for 7,000 years, having
been founded soon after Trojan Commander Mopsos fought the Troy War.
Misis was famous for its hospitals and doctors, diagnoses and treatments.
According to legend, the physician Lokman found the secret of immortality
with the medicines he made from local plants.  However, the paper on which
the immortality formula was written by Lokman fell into the Seyhan River
while Lokman was crossing the Misis Bridge (!).  

Yüreğir harita
                          Yüreğir/Misis (A)

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