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Family Feud Hotel

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 22 June 2017)

Cennete kaçak otel!
If and when built, probably won't host a family reunion.

Cafeteria manager Mehmet Ali Ay has started building a 2-story, 12-room
hotel in a place where such buildings are prohibited, at Bozburun, 55
kilometers from Marmaris.  The basic construction that currently exists
encroaches 1.5 meters into the adjoining 33 parcels and 1 meter into the
adjoining 35 parcels on the opposite side.  Ay has also built a 40 square
meter wall in front of his seaside hotel.

Deniz Uslu, the daughter of Ay's aunt Naciye Bedir, who owns the 33-
parcel piece of land,  took photos of the hotel she characterizes as
illegal and filed a complaint with the Marmaris district chief and the
Muğla province governor's office.  Nevertheless, according to Uslu, the
construction is continuing and she added that "the hotel construction
intrudes 1.5 meters into our land and there's a violation of the shore law
because of the sea wall.  We made the complaints but haven't gotten a
court order to stop the construction."

As for Ay, he admitted that "I built it knowing it was illegal (!) but I
did it for the future of our family.  Our government has to come up
with a solution, otherwise everyone on this peninsula will keep on
violating the law.   There's no encroachment. On one side it's my aunt's
land and on the other it's my uncle's.  The guys built the sea wall when I
wasn't around but, in any case, we have a right to an 100-square meter
area for a beach and lounge chairs.  I'll pay any fines. In fact, I've already
paid a fine of 190,000 TL (about $60,000)."

Marmaris Deputy Mayor Dursun Kaplan stated that "as soon as we
heard about the illegal hotel construction we sent our inspectors, put a
seal on it and issued a fine.  The seal was broken twice, so more
fines were imposed and the total up to now is 190,000 TL.  After the
Ramazan holiday we'll make another decision, very probably for

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  Bozburun peninsula is southwest of Marmaris.

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