9 Haziran 2017 Cuma

"Varangel" of Death in Rize

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 9 June 2017)

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                  Looks like fun but...

In the village of Eski Armutluk in Rize's Ardeşen district, Özlem Terzi
(22) boarded a primitive 'teleferik' (cable car system) after gathering tea
from a field belonging to Ali Paşa Terziye.  The six-months pregnant
Özlem hanım was electrocuted by the teleferik's leaking electrical

Hearing Özlem hanım's cries, Emine Karlı rushed to her aid but she
too was struck by the current and fainted.  Both women were taken to
Pazar Kaçkar State Hospital, where Özlem hanım died,  Emine hanım
remains under treatment.

The Rize Machine Engineers Hearth has prepared a report about the
area's primitive teleferiks, which are known locally as "varangel".
There are about 10,000 varangels in Rize alone and 20,000 in the region.
They pose a great danger in terms of danger to life and property.  The
devices have caused many deaths and injuries because of their slipshod
nature and make-shift mechanisms.  The lay of the land in Rize and
surrounding areas, with steep hills and uneven topography, make the
varangels essential for moving tea from the fields and people from
place to place.    

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Ardeşen district is in eastern Rize province.

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