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Overexposed Lawyer

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 5 June 2017)
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Photos will be placed in dictionaries to visually define narcissism.

A few days ago Orhan Önal, a lawyer in Izmir, posted pictures of himself
taken at his sports club on the social media site for 40,000 judges,
prosecutors and lawyers.  However, five of his colleagues from the
Istanbul Bar Association took umbrage at the photos and complained
to the Izmir Bar Association.

On of the complainants, Nazlı Sezer, explained that "our complaint is
not related to our colleague's sport activities and photographs. In his
private life he can pose all he wants - on his own social media pages.
This is a professional page for 40,000 legal officials. and such comments
as 'when will you lower your pants?" elicited by the photos do not
accord with the ethics of our profession."

As for Önal, he asserted that "I don't have any obscene goals or aims
that would make me behave contrary to professional ethics.  The
complaint is ridiculous!"

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The barrister, clothed and ready for work.

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