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10 Euro Toll Revolt on Kosova-Albania Border

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 2 April 2018)

              For whom the toll is too much.

The toll booths built by the Turkish-American consortium ENKA-Bechtel
for the $1 billion highway that connects Kosova and Albania, have been
burned down at the two nations' border by people protesting the new 10 Euro

The new highway reduces transit time between Dures in Albania and
Kosova's Morina border from 7 hours to 3 hours and was opened to traffic
in 2009.  However, in the past few days, the new 10 Euro toll has been
demanded from drivers, inciting the wrath of both Albanian and Kosovan
citizens.  The toll booths on the Albanian side have been burned down
one by one (!).  One citizen explained to reporters that "the Albanian PM
should be ashamed of himself.  Albania and Kosova are one state but
these toll booths have separated Kosova. The cities of Pristina, Prizren,
on the Kosova side, and Kukes, on the Albanian side, are one.  The
purpose of this road was to bind Albania and Kosova together."

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