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Bike Thief Pines for "An Honest Man"

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 29 April 2018)

Çaldığı bisikleti çalan kişiye ‘Namussuz’ dedi
Adem E. just wanted to ride like his mom used to do...

In Seyhan, Adana, Adem E. stole İbrahim Vuranay's bicycle. 
After riding around for a while, Adem E. stopped at a mosque
to wash up and take a rest.  When he emerged from the mosque,
though, someone had stolen the bike Adem E. had stolen. (!)

Adem E. went to the police station and asked that the police
find 'his' bike.  Under police questioning, however, Adem E.
could not tell them the make of the bike, how much he paid for it,
nor did he have a sales receipt. 

Ultimately, Adem E. confessed that he had stolen the bike in
the first place.  He lamented that "I stole the bike to ride around
with. I went into the mosque to wash up but someone stole the
bike.  How could he steal it at a mosque!?  There's no such thing
as an honest man in this country anymore." (!)  Adem E. was
placed under house arrest.

wizard of oz wicked witch bicycle ile ilgili görsel sonucu
       Mom's hot wheels, in yesteryear.


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