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Taxi Driver Loses Cab When Couple Clash

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 11 April 2018)

Kavgayı ayırırken taksisi çalındı
               "What just happened here?..."

Taxi driver Cemal Bahadır works out of Atatürk Airport in Istanbul. Last
Sunday, Bahadır came to nearby Bakırköy in his cab, bearing license plate
"34 TFS 72", where 4 individuals, who claimed to be a family, got into
his taxi.  The male of the group said they wanted to go to Şirinevler but
as the trip proceeded, the man began to argue with his female companion.

At the request of his passengers, Bahadır drove around Bakırköy for a
while, before reaching Yenimahalle, where the man, women and two
children got out of the taxi.  The man gave Bahadır 30 TL as payment
but then got back into the cab, saying he wanted to go to Kumkapı.

As Bahadır and the man headed toward Kumkapı, they were pursued by
the woman, who had gotten out of Bahadır's cab at Yenimahalle, riding
in another taxi (!).  Bahadır got stuck in traffic on Bakırköy Istanbul
Avenue, which allowed the woman to get out of her taxi, run to Bahadır's
and beat on his cab's windows. 

Bahadır got out of his taxi to try to calm the woman but the man
slipped into Bahadır's driver's seat and took off with his taxi. (!!) 
Bahadır filed a complaint with police and the woman gave a statement.
taxi driver travis bickle ile ilgili görsel sonucu
The other taxi driver was as bewildered as Bahadır.

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