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Once a Creep, Always a Creep

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 12 April 2018)

Şarkıcı Bergeni öldüren eski kocası 4 çocuğa cinsel istismardan tutuklandı...
Back in the good old days, spewing hydrochloric acid.

Arabesque music singer Bergin, known by the name "Acıların
Kadını" (Women of Sorrows), was shot to death in 1989 by her
former husband Halis Serbest (72) in 1989.  Now, Serbest has
been arrested for sexually exploiting 4 minors in Adana's Kozan
district. The allegations about the children surfaced coincidentally.
Police stopped a motorcycle ridden by a youth born in 2001.  The
youth told police that Serbest had given him the motorcycle in
exchange for sexual favors. 

bergenin katili 4 çocuğa istismardan tutuklandı ile ilgili görsel sonucu
         These days, paying kids for sex.

Police investigated further and learned that 3 other youths aged
15-16 had been seduced by Serbest with money and brought to his
luxury villa in Kozan.  Serbest's relatives tried to intimidate the
children's parents into withdrawing their complaints.  In 1982,
Serbest threw hydrochloric acid on Bergin's face and shot her to
death in 1989 in Adana's Pozantı district.  He was imprisoned at
the time but later released.

adana haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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