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Turk Anti-Cavity Fighters Find the Solution

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 18 April 2018)

ODTÜ'DEN MEZUN OLDU, ABD'DE DOKTORASINI TAMAMLADI Ekibin lideri Mehmet Sarıkaya 1977'de ODTÜ Metalurji Mühendisliği'nden mezun oldu. Ardından ABD'de yüksek lisans ve doktorasını tamamladı.
                    The DentIstanbul Brigade

Three Turks working in the Materials Science Engineering
Department at Washington University in the U.S.A. have made
a remarkable discovery.  Prof. Mehmet Sarıkaya, Associate
Professor Sami Doğan and Deniz Yücesoy helped develop a
treatment method that will make tooth cavities history.

The team came up with a solution made of peptide amino acid.
The solution has the function of 'amelogenin', which is the natural
enzyme that forms tooth enamel.  When the new solution is spread
on a tooth calcium and phosphate gather on the cavity surface and
start to make enamel.  Based on the first tests, it was determined
that the solution formed new enamel measuring between 10 and
15 micrometers on the decayed tooth.  The researchers have begun
to put the solution into toothpaste.  It is expected that price of
cavity treatment will be reduced thanks to this discovery.

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Discovery dedicated to the late, great Muhammed Ali.

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