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Forgotten Turk-Russian War's POWs' Graveyard in Ukraine Found

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 24 April 2018)

Ukrayna’da kayıp Türk şehitliği gün yüzüne çıktı
                 R.I.P.,  along way from home.

A cemetery where 49 Turkish soldiers are buried, along with a
memorial, have been brought to light in Ukraine.  The Turkish
soldiers died in the Ottoman-Russia War of 1877-1878, known
as the "War of '93" in Turkey.  The memorial was put there by
a Polish  count who was affected by the stories of the Turkish

The memorial, which is located in the village of Strizavka in
Ukraine's Vinnitsa city, is written in Ottoman Turkish.  Mehmet
Tütüncü, the head of the Türk-Arab Research Center, based in
Holland, found the cemetery.  Tütüncü explained that "the
memorial to the 49 Turks who were killed or wounded in the war
was erected by Polish Count Tadeusz Groholski in 1881.  The
wounded Turks were brought to the Count's mansion and
treated there.  Even Hitler visited the cemetery when the village
was a HQS for the Nazis.  Over time the cemetery was built
over with a park and a school.  The monument survives in the
garden of a house."

Mikhail Patupchyk, the head of Vinnitsa's preservation unit
for POWs, said that many Turkish officials had come to see
the monument but none of them could read the Ottoman
Turkish.  He added that "my greatest wish is for Turkey to
buy the monument site and make it into a cemetery and
memorial park."

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