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Raising Ankara

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 18 April 2018)

Faili meçhul cinayeti ‘sis farı’ aydınlattı
                         H.Y.'s idol is...

In Ankara, last year on 27 October, H.Y., driving a stolen car,
picked up his friend M.E. from his workplace and headed off
to join their friends.  However, the two argued over money en
route and H.Y. lost control of the car, running over Syrian Gazel
Mahru (4).  When the accident happened. H.Y. said to M.E.
"we hit a kid, get out and take a look."  Once M.E. was out of
the car, though,  H.Y. ran him over, as well (!).

M.E. was injured in the incident and the little Syrian girl died.
Police set out to find the driver and found the grill of the car's
fog light at the scene.  The subsequent police investigation
extended all the way to Germany to find out the make and model
of the car.  Step by step, police determined that Hasan H.Y. was
the driver and after 6 months he was taken into custody.

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