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Future Divers are Landlubbers for Now

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 3 April 2018)

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The English translation of Kayaköy is "Gilligan's Island"

In the morning, in the waters off Kayaköy village in Fethiye district of
Muğla province, citizens alerted authorities about a sinking boat.  The
Coast Guard quickly sent 5 boats, a plane and two helicopters to the
scene and the Navy sent two gunboats.  It was determined that the boat
"Mer-May", owned by a diving school, had sunk in the vicinity of Türk
Hamam village near Akful Monastery, Kayaköy.

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        Good to be back on Mother Earth.

On the boat were 71 Sabancı University students who had come to
Fethiye for the traditional 4 night-5 day Spring Break Dive and Tour
Program.  Fortunately, since the students were all good swimmers
they were able to make it onto the rocks without too much trouble.
All the students and the 7-member crew were rescued by a combined
response team made up of the Navy, Coast Guard, Gendarmerie and
UMKE.  Fethiye District Chief Muzaffer Şahiner said that some of
the students had some minor scratches and 4 were treated for heat

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