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Academic Collegiality Takes a Hit

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 30 April 2018)

Selefinden Rektör Bağlı hakkında suç duyurusu
        All in the name of 'house cleaning', he says.

The Rector of Nevşehir Hacıbektaş University, Prof. Dr. Mazhar
Bağlı, removed former rector and university founder Prof. Dr.
Filiz Kılıç from her chairmanship of the Turkish Language and
Literature Department and then, while Kılıç was out of the province,
Bağlı had the lock on her office door broken and her belongings
removed. (!)


Bağlı, a long-time AKP (ruling party) politician, was appointed
as rector in March 2017.  Bağlı gained notoriety for some tweets
about the "deep state".  Kılıç, the founding rector of the university,
was, according to her criminal complaint, subjected to "mobbing"
by Bağlı and his cronies, culminating in her computer, test papers,
books and personal items being removed from her locked office
while she was out of town.

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