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Russian Baking Gets Personal in Ankara

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 1 April 2018)

pasta sanatı ayça kaleli ile ilgili görsel sonucu
                The artist-baker at work.

Ayça Duman Kaleli is the fifth generation representative of the cake-making
Duman family.  At her bakery in Ankara Ayça hanım makes personalized
cakes from sugar dough, to include ones of Salvador Dali, Marilyn Monroe
and cartoon characters.  Ayça hanım, a student in the Hacettepe University
Fine Arts Faculty's Portrait Department, says that "I've combined my art
with cake-making.  The only profession that can reflect my soul and art is

The first generation of the Duman family went to Czarist Russia from Rize
on Turkey's eastern Black Sea coast to learn baking and returned following
the Bolshevik Revolution to open a bakery in Giresun.  A branch of the
family moved to Ankara and opened the Damla Bakery in 1964, with
Varol Duman carrying on his father Bahadır Duman's legacy. 

pasta sanatı ayça kaleli ile ilgili görsel sonucu
          On the Island of Misfit Cakes.

Ayça hanım opened the Damla Cake Workshop and designs and makes
unique, personalized cakes, some of which she makes in an hour, while
others may take months to finish.  She explained that "people bring me
photos for a personalized cake and I ascribe expressions and personality
to the person in the photo and make the cake."  She trains interns so
that the art can be extended into further generations and sells her cakes
both domestically and abroad.

    pasta sanatı ayça kaleli ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Seems like a sin to actually eat the masterpiece. (But looks
yummy, too.)

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