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"Pompalı Tüfek", Turkey's Murder Weapon of Choice

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 17 April 2018)

Erzurum Aziziye
Mayhem is only a click, and 400 TL, away.

In the first three months of this year in Turkey 180 people have
been killed with "pompalı tüfek" (pump-action rifles). Obtaining
one via the internet costs only 400 TL (about $100).  On 7 April
in Erzurum, Haluk K. (17) killed his friend Zafer P. while posing
with a "pompalı tüfek".

In the past three months gun assaults have increased 61% , with
442 individuals having been murdered in 705 gun incidents and
637 wounded.  The incident in Erzurum on 7 April highlights how
easy it is to obtain a gun in Turkey.  Haluk K., a student at Ziya
Gökalp Anadolu High School in Tınazlı village of Aziziye district,
invited his friends Zafer P. and Orhon B. to his house for a barbeque.

Having seen a social media picture that Haluk K. had posted of
himself posing with a "pompalı tüfek" that he bought over the
internet, Zafer P. wanted to do the same.  The friends took multiple
pictures of themselves with the rifle but somehow it went off,
killing Zafer P.  In any event, Haluk K. was arrested for the murder
of Zafer P.

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