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French DJ's Playlist a Bit Too Ecstatic

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 5 April 2018)

Fransız DJ kurye uyuşturucu  Yannick Michel B.  Atatürk Havalimanı
From the look on his face, Yannick Michel B. may be eating
up all the profits.

Turkish customs police at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul became suspicious
of Frenchman Yannick Michel B. when he arrived from Amsterdam. 
Yannick Michel B., who works as a DJ in Istanbul and Dalaman, on the
Aegean shore, tried to pass through the "nothing to declare" customs
line but police had sniffer dogs Csonti and Csacsi check his bags.

When the dogs reacted police did a thorough search of Yannick Michel
B.'s suitcase and found in a false bottom 3,917 ecstacy pills, 12,000
LSD strips and 2,102 narcotics items, with a total value of 2,680,000 TL
(about $600,000).  Yannick Michel B. was taken to the Bakırköy police
stantion and arrested.

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