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The Play's The Thing, Unless It Isn't

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 25 April 2018)

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A new low in bilking...but it'll be surpassed soon.

In Rize, some unidentified individuals sold tickets at 10 TL apiece
for a play entitled "Annem" (My Mother), which they said would be
shown at four performances under the name "Handicapped Persons
Arts Theater".  The swindlers gave the İsmail Kahraman Cultural
Center as the address for the play but after selling the tickets they

The tickets contained the message "you have won the right to this
ticket because of the support you have given to the social
responsibility project we are presenting and the superior sensitivity
you have shown.  We thank you for your sensitivity."  However,
when ticket-holders arrived at the theater they learned that there was
no play to be seen. 

Yaşar Çataklı, an official at the Cultural Center, was forced to
explain that "there's no play being performed here.  We've called,
the number on the ticket but there's no answer.  Our theater holds
550 people so about 1,600 tickets were sold for four performances.
They played on the emotions of people and they should be

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