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Devilish Plan to Hoodwink Chinese Firms

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 2 April 2018)

çinli matbaa şirketleri jiangsu çete lideri y.e. ile ilgili görsel sonucu
"Hey, a trip to China is on my bucket list."

The latest victims of a fraud gang are Chinese companies that make
printers, but the gang was busted in a police operation in Istanbul.
Jiangsu Orient Co. Ltd. and Dongfoug Co. Ltd. officials filed a
complaint with Istanbul police, who quickly identified the 6-person
gang of bilkers, arresting gang leader Y.E. and his father B.E., along
with A.E.D., H.K., L.M. and M.Y.

Police found checks and promissory notes at the suspects' addresses,
as well as 3 Glock revolvers, known as assassination weapons, bullet-
proof vests and 400,000 TL (about $100,000).  The gang used a method
to hoodwink the Chinese companies that even the devil wouldn't think
of.  Gang members went to China (!), ordered printers from the two
companies and paid for them promptly, to gain the companies' trust.
Then, the gang told the companies that "we've found a good customer
in Azerbaijan.  We'll sell the machines as transit goods."

The gang placed a $1.2 million order with the companies and the
printers were sent to Turkey by ship.  The Chinese were told that
"the customers in Azerbaijan will look at the machines and then take
care of import procedures."  In this way, the gang was able to have
the printers pass through Turkish customs without paying.  The
gang then used fake documents to move the printers to their own
firms, shut down their operations quickly and thereby prevented the
Chinese companies from tracking them down. (or so they thought!)

jiangsu orient ile ilgili görsel sonucu

         Made in China, Hoodwinked in Turkey

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