31 Mayıs 2017 Çarşamba

'Honey Traps' Set in Izmir

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 31 May 2017)

Pretty in Pink? Don't be fooled by these temptresses!

Two gangs in Izmir bilked two unsuspecting victims out of 10,000 TL
(about $3,000).  The targets were grocer K.K. (70) and real estate agent
İ.S. (51).  The first incident occurred in Buca, where the gang sent Z.A.
(25) to lure rich grocer K.K. to her home.  Once there, Z.A.'s 'husband'
E.C., along with A.A. and two women, suddenly appeared at the house
and caught K.K. in the buff.

E.C. threatened K.K., screaming "what are you doing with my wife?!"
At this point, A.A. intervened and told K.K. that if he paid some money
E.C. would calm down.   In response, K.K. gave E.C. and A.A. 5,000
TL in cash and wrote them a  check for 5,000 TL more.  They released
K.K. but he immediately went to the police, who quickly rounded up
the three women.  E.C. and A.A. remain at large.

In the second incident, in Bornova, a woman named N.A. came to İ.S.'s
real estate office on the pretext of renting a house.  Shortly thereafter
N.A. invited İ. S. to her home, where her 'husband' C.C. and 'brother'
H.E. were laying in wait to catch İ.S. in the buff (!).  Clearly offended,
C.C. upbraided İ.S., saying "you've insulted my honor! But if you give
us some money we'll pardon you."

İ.S. gave C.C. and H.E. 10,000 TL but the suspects loaded İ.S. into
a car, intending to take him to a remote site in Kemalpaşa district.  En
route, though, İ.S. jumped from the moving car and called police, who
soon arrested N.A., C.C. and H.E.

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                       İzmir province


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