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Armenian Plate from 1686 Sparks Rancor

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 19 January 2018)

patrikhanede 332 yıllık tabak krizi ile ilgili görsel sonucu
  Imagine eating Sivas kebap on this in 1686...yummy!

Serdar Cive, a native of Sivas province, now lives in Istanbul and
he has been trying to find out the provenance of a copper plate that has
been in his family for about 100 years.  One antique dealer told Cive
that the plate once belonged to the 'Karayan' family but Cive could not
find anyone from that family.  Another antique dealer told Cive that
the writing on the plate is Armenian and that it was made in 1686. This
dealer suggested that Cive get in touch with the Armenian Patriarch's
office in Turkey.

Cive then brought the plate to the Armenian Patriarch's office in
Kumkapı, Istanbul, where an official named Vağarşag Seropyan told
Cive that the plate came from the Surp Nişanyan Monastery in Sivas.
Cive explained that "when I told him (Seropyan) that I wanted to learn
the value of the plate, which belongs to my wife, and to sell it, he said
he would buy it himself.  On 16 November 2017, I brought the plate
to the Patriarchate and Seropyan said he would take the plate as a
gift and give me a gift in return.  This 'gift' turned out to be a letter
and 250 TL in an envelope." (!)

serdar cive ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Expected a bit more than 250 TL ($60) for a 332 year-old plate.

Bishop Aram Ateşyan of the Partriarchate stated that "He (Cive) was
given 250 TL in an envelope, despite the fact that no one asked him
to come, but he came back, saying that the plate was worth much more
and asserting that he had been hoodwinked. Our Patriarchate is willing
to return the plate on condition that the 250 TL and the letter of thanks
are given back to us.  In any case, the individual (Cive)'s name and
a photograph of the plate will be sent to the Culture Ministry.

Cive filed a complaint against Seropyan but the public prosecutor
ruled that since Cive gave the plate as a gift and received 250 TL
in return there was no hoodwinking involved. 

The Aziz Nişan Monastery in Sivas was built in the 11th century
between 1003 and 1022 by the son of King Senekerim, Adom-Aşod.
and was one of the most important Armenian places of worship for
a long time.  After the Armenians were expelled from Sivas in 1915,
the monastery was left to ruin and by the 1980's there was nothing
left of it.

surp nişan manastırı ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Surp Nişan Monastery in Sivas, once upon a time.

sivas haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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