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Traffic Dispute Exposes 'Super Cop'

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 27 January 2018)

binbir surat ayhan firari avukat katibi çıktı ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Another instance of women finding a uniform irresistible.

In Yenimahalle district of Ankara, Fatma D. was driving in evening
traffic on 19 January and got into an argument with another driver
who got out of his car with a police radio and identified himself as
"Police Chief Ayhan Şahin".  Fatma D., however, was not intimidated
and filed a complaint with police based on "Ayhan Şahin"'s license
plate number.

The resulting police investigation revealed that "Ayhan Şahin" was in
fact Ayhan G., with a police record of 22 crimes, including fraud,
theft and using the ID's of others.   On 22 January, Ayhan G. was taken
into custody in front of his home.  In his possession were fake ID's for
a public prosecutor, police chief, photos of himself in uniforms and
heroin (!).  In Ayhan G.'s car, police found a cloak that a prosecutor
would wear in court.

It turned out that Ayhan G. used to work as a legal secretary for a
lawyer who passed away.  In his statement to police Ayhan G.
confessed his guilt and explained that "because I was 'wanted' I
paid to have fake prosecutor and police ID's made in Istanbul.  I
posted pictures of myself wearing the cloak of a prosecutor on
social media and introduced myself to people as a prosecutor and
a police chief.  The complainants are right, I took money from them
but I'll pay it back in the shortest time possible."

ayhan şahin ayhan g ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Certainly has those James Bond looks women adore.

The people that Ayhan G. defrauded were all women. Herewith a
sampling of their complaints about him:

F.Y.: He told me that he was a prosecutor so I gave him 500 TL to
have my husband transferred frıom the Merzifon prison to the
Ankara prison.  It never happened.

Z.K: He told me that he was a prosecutor and we had a romantic
relationship.  When I went to his home I saw pictures of him in
his prosecutorial robes.  He told me he dined with VIPs like
Parliamentarians and Ministers.  He asked me to marry him.

Ç.K.:  I told him I wanted to get a driver's license and he said he
would help but wanted 2,750 TL.

G.A.  My husband wanted a permit to carry a gun and he said he
could help.  He told me to send him various documents and took
2,600 TL, as well.

yenimahalle ankara haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Ankara's Yeni Mahalle district has a split-personality, too.

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