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Pretty Cashier Doesn't Deal in Petty Cash

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 24 January 2018)

gülsün y konya ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Gülsün Y. in happier days, left, and en route to jail, right.

In Konya, two people filed complaints with the police on 13 January,
saying that their credit cards were used without their permission and
that 6,000 TL (about $1,700) was withdrawn from their accounts at ATMs.
Based on the available data, police raided a café in Selçuklu district
where the victims had last shopped. 

Police checked the security camera footage in the café, as well as the
POS (credit card) machines, and determined that cashier Gülsün Y. (20)
was swiping credits card with two separate POS machines.  Gülsün Y.
was found to be in possession of 9 credit card slips that had been copied.
On her cellphone, police found a video where one Şevket İ,, who was
in the act of taking money from an ATM and on whose hand was a rose
tattoo (!), explained how to copy credit cards. 

Gülsün Y. confessed to the crime and claimed that her partner-in-crime
was café manager Ali A.  Based on her admissions, police arrested
Ali A.(20), Harun A. (22), Sami K. (22), Mesut K. (23), Şevket İ. (20)
and Abdil D., who was caught in Kadıoğlu village 110 kilometers
away from Konya.  Abdil D. had hidden a bag in a vent there and in
the bag police found a computer with the ATM numbers of the victims,
an ATM apparatus, fast-sticking glue, a special copying machine from
Ukraine and 69 credit cards that had been copied with this machine.

The suspects pointed to Gülsün Y. as the ringleader of the gang and
asserted that it was she would directed all activities.  Abdil D. and
Şevket İ withdrew the money stolen from ATMs.     

konya haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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