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Turns Out 'He' is a 'She' in Facebook Fraud

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 24 January 2018)

S.K. (33),  a married woman with two children who lives in Bağcılar,
Istanbul, opened a Facebook account with a picture of a handsome man
named 'Kaan Yıldız' in order to fool girls.   Another woman, named Ş.Ö.
(35) saw the picture of 'Kaan Yıldız', liked it and sent S.K. a 'friend
request'.  The two exchanged telephone numbers and began chatting via

'Kaan Yıldız' (S.K.) wrote that 'he' wanted to marry Ş.Ö. and suggested
that "you meet with my older sister so she can take a look at you for me."
Subsequently, S.K. met with Ş.Ö. many times in the guise of 'Kaan
Yıldız''s older sister and ultımately, 'Kaan Yıldız' sent Ş.Ö. this Whatsapp
message: "my older sister liked you and I take my family's opinion very
seriously. I want to marry you." (!)

S.K. continued to hoodwink Ş.Ö. as 'Kaan Yıldız' and extracted money
from her for 'marriage preparations', even getting Ş.Ö. to buy her a
4,000 TL (about $1,000) telephone.  S.K. accepted the money and the
telephone as 'Kaan Yıldız''s older sister in person.  Later, Ş.Ö. sent
'Kaan Yıldız' some personal photos.  Next, 'Kaan Yıldız' wanted
300,000 TL from Ş.Ö. to start a business but Ş.Ö. said she could only
give 'him' 30,000 TL. 

At this point, S.K. threatened to send Ş.Ö.'s personal photos to her
relatives but, in response,  S.K. filed a police complaint and the entire
3-year fraud came out in the open.  S.K.'s trial for fraud has begun and
the prosecutor has asked for a jail sentence of up to 12 years.

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