31 Ocak 2018 Çarşamba

Jailhouse Café

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 31 January 2018)

"Scared Straight" for Yuppies...as close to jail as they'll
ever want to get.

In Yalova, a café that opened a month ago with a 'prison' concept
has drawn intense interest from young people.  At the Haft Coffee
café, the waiters wear prison guard uniforms and prisoner jumpers.
Customers who enter the cell-like interior can have their pictures
taken against the bars in prison uniforms. 

Hapishane konseptli kafeye yoğun ilgi
Surprise! The government just made this a real jail...

Canhür Aktuğlu, one of the café partners, provided some
information about the concept, saying that "since the concept is
a prison, we used a prison cell motif.  Customers can select the
prison jumper they want and have their pictures taken to post
on social media.  In this way, besides getting coffee, customers
can have an experience and a story to tell." (ugh!)

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