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Beats Up Drug Dealers, Gets 15 Months in Jail

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 22 January 2018)

Uyuşturucu satıcısını dövdü, 1.5 yıl hapis cezası aldı
               No good deed goes unpunished...

In Edirne, Feyyaz Doksat, the cousin of retired sergeant Tamer
Dindoruk (47) used the narcotic "bonzai" and argued with his older
brother Bülent Doksat.  Then, Tamer killed Bülent and his two
nephews İsmail (2) and Ertuğrul (9), as well as his niece Büşra (12).
In the aftermath of this incident, the neighborhood began a battle
against narcotics. 

An argument arose between M.T. and V.Y., who came to the
neighborhood to sell drugs, and Tamer Dindoruk, resulting in M.T.
and V.Y. filing complaints against Dindoruk (!) for battery. 
Consequently, Dindoruk was given a 15-month jail sentence and his
brother Ömer Dindoruk was fined 7,500 TL. 

A bewildered Tamer Dindoruk lamented that "a few days after the
murders, we argued with these two people who came to the neighborhood
to sell drugs.  They filed a complaint against me.  And even though
after the trial, which lasted 1.5 years, M.T. and V.Y. admitted to selling
drugs, I got a 15-month jail sentence for "simple assault" and my
brother was fined 7,500 TL.  I don't deserve this slander and penalty."

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