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Irish Sought Atatürk's Help 94 Years Ago

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 8 January 2017)

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The old world's common theme: "The Struggle Against English
Imperialism"...and now we have another Royal Wedding
to sit through (ugh!).

OttomanHelp see also, the fascinating story of Ottoman Sultan
Abdülmecid's help to the Irish in 1847.

A document reflecting the friendly ties between Turkey and Ireland has
surfaced for the first time.  According to the document, which has been
transcribed from its original Ottoman by researcher-writer Atilla Oral
94 years after it appeared on page 2 of İleri Newspaper on 12 January 1923,
the Irish requested support from Atatürk against English imperialism both
during the Turkish War of Independence and afterwards during the peace
negotiations at Lausanne.

 A letter was sent to Mustafa Kemal (later "Atatürk") from William Darry,
the head of the Irish Republic Community in America on 26 December 1922:
"To His Honor Mustafa Kemal, President of the Turkish Parliament, I request
that the Turkish delegates to be sent from Ankara for the Lausanne Conference
provide assistance to the Irish Republic, as well.  I am certain that Turkey,
which has gained such respect for its National Struggle and its place in the
New World, will not withhold assistance to Ireland, which is engaged in the
same struggle. I submit my respects to you as the savior of Turkey and ask
for your help.  (signed) Irish Republic Community of America William

Atilla Oral explained that "the request to Atatürk for help from the Irish
people, who at that time shared the same fate as the Turkish people, was
published in İleri Newspaper in Ottoman.  The newspaper printed the
following headlines when it published the document: "Request for help
from the people of Ireland to Mustafa Kemal Paşa, who saved Turkey
from English imperialism"; "The Irish people await help from the Turks.";
and "A letter from the Irish Republic in America to our Commander." 

Oral added that "this document, which opened a new page in Turkish-
Irish friendship, has until now, for whatever reason, never seen the light
of day or was kept under wraps."

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