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15-inch Index Finger of Constantine, Istanbul's Founder, Turns Up in The Louvre

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 6 June 2018)

konstantinin kayıp parmağı bulundu ile ilgili görsel sonucu
           Fickle Finger of Constantine's Fate

The index finger from the giant bronze statue of Constantine,
the Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire who founded Istanbul,
has been found.  The 38-centimeter (15 inches)-long finger has
been missing for a long time and it was found in the Louvre
Museum in Paris.

Museum officials determined that the finger of the statue, the
other pieces of which have been in the Capitoline Museum in
Rome since 1863, has been in their collections. When the Louvre
took an inventory of all its giant antique bronze statues, they
confirmed that the finger belonged to the Constantine statue.

The statue's finger was in the collection of Italian businessman
and art collector Giampietro Campana (1808-1880) but most of
Campana's collection was brought to France during the period
of Napolean III.   The Louvre is planning to open an exhibition
of Campana's collection in November and there is a chance,
according to the museum, that Emperor Constantine's hand,
complete with its index finger, may be on display.

Parisi Presicce, the director of the Capitoline Museum stated
that they think that the finger came off the statue when the globe
that Constantine was holding in his hand was being transported
to one of the columns on the Apian Way in 1584 (!).  Presicce
noted that an engraving done by Abt Diego Revillas in 1759
shows the statue without the finger.

konstantinin kayıp parmağı bulundu ile ilgili görsel sonucu
You never know how important your fingers are until
you lose one. Can't even turn a page properly!

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