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Traveler Beware in Some Places: 'I'd Turn Back if I Were You'

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 17 June 2018)

İstifa edip dünya turuna çıktı! Başına gelmeyen kalmadı
Selçuk couldn't help humming 'Inka Dinka Doo' here.

Selçuk's travellog t-shirts available on request.

Selçuk Tanaydın (33) of Bursa, resigned from his job at a car
factory last year after having worked there for a decade.  Then,
he headed out on the 'world tour' he'd been dreaming about all
his life. After touring the Middle East and the Balkans, Selçuk
bey made a sudden decision to go to South America, where his
first stop was Argentina, after which he visited Uruguay, Brazil,
Colombia, Equador, Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras,
Nicaragua, Panama and Chile.

fuego volcano eruption ile ilgili görsel sonucu
An exaggerated  'warm welcome' to Guatemala.

Bad luck seemed to find Selçuk bey in Central America: the place
where he camped in Guatemala was near the erupting Fuego
Volcano and the lava spewing from the mountain gave him quite
a scare; in Mexico he got caught in the midst of a 7.1 magnitude
earthquake; and in Honuduras there was a civil war in progress
when Selçuk arrived (!). 

Needless to say, after visiting 15 countries and traveling 40,000
kilometers, Selçuk bey is very glad to be back home.

south central america map ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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