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White Teeth Her Dream, No Teeth Her Nightmare

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 1 June 2018)

dişlerini beyazlatmak istedi 32 dişinden oldu ile ilgili görsel sonucu
              After (ouch!), and before.

In  Antalya, Sunay Öztürk (41) decided six months ago to have
her teeth whitened with zirconium.  With her first retirement
paycheck and 10,000 TL (about $2,500) in credit, Sunay hanım
went to a dental clinic and had 20 teeth - ten on top and ten on
the bottom - cut for the zirconium treatment.

A while later, Sunay hanım, the mother of two children, went
back to the dental clinic to finalize the treatment and get her
brand new white teeth but, instead, her life was turned upside
down.  Although one of her back teeth was hurting, Sunay went
ahead with the treatment.  Afterwards, however, all her teeth
began to hurt and in the course of 1.5 months she had to have
them all extracted. (!)

Nevertheless, the pain did not stop and Sunay hanım was
ultimately diagnosed with 'trigeminal neuralgia' by Prof. Dr.
Mahmut Akyüz, who opined that following procedures done
previously by Sunay hanım's dentists, there was damage done
to her facial nerves, leading to the chronic pain.

antalya haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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