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Honeymooners' Shower Shoes Provoke Nightclub Beating

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 17 June 2018)

  Dress-code violaters will be dealt with severely!

Nourishment expert İlter Faik Kaya (36) and his wife of 4 months,
economist Nesrin Konuklu Kaya, went to the Cratos hotel in Girne,
Northern Cyrpus (KKTC), for a delayed honeymoon.  The couple got
to their hotel from Istanbul at 3 in the morning on Wednesday night,
checked into their room and then went to their hotel's nightclub for a

Kaya explained that "we went into the nightclub and looked around.
I was wearing shorts, a t-shirt and shower shoes.  My wife was with
me.  One of the bouncers came up to me and said 'we'll escort you
outside'.  When I asked why, he said 'you can't come in here like that.'
I responded by saying that this was the way everyone dresses in the
hotel.  The tension escalated and 7-8 other bouncers came.  I knew
at that point I was in trouble and told my wife to leave.  Then they
started to beat me and even my wife. My face and eyes were covered
with blood. They beat me for about 10 minutes and then took me out
of the nightclub, leaving me by the side of the pool."

 Kaya noted that the entire incident was recorded by the hotel's
cameras and he added that "my wife helped me get to a hospital,
where we got reports related to our injuries. Then I went to the
police."  While at the hospital, an individual came and told Kaya
that the hotel would cover all his expenses if he did not talk about
the incident.  Nevertheless, when Kaya got back to Istanbul he
related the incident to the press.

Northern Cyprus police determined that 4 bouncers beat the Kaya
couple and broke İlter's nose.  The 4 were fired and two of them,
Yasin Çokçu and Halil Işık, were jailed yesterday.  Police are now
looking for the other two bouncers, Bayram Sözüdoğru and Hüseyin

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