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Health Edition: Green Peppers Cause Heart Attacks

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 2 June 2018)

dilara dilan timuçin ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Dilara (or maybe it's Dilan), left with Necati Bey before
his chain-reaction green pepper heart attack.

In Kadıköy, Istanbul, an argument in the Timuçin family
household over green peppers resulted in death (!).  The incident
occurred on 21 May 2016 when mother Ayşe Timuçin (55) told
her cooking helper Nesrin Gölbaşı to prepare green peppers for
the meal.  At this point, one of Ayşe hanım's twin daughters,
Dilara (34), entered the kitchen and, asserting that the green
peppers in question belonged to her twin Dilan, declared that
"she bought that pepper, you can't use it!"

In response, Ayşe hanım said that "your father bought these.
He gave the money so we can use the peppers."  An argument
between mother and daughter ensued and the supposed owner
of the pepper, Dilan, entered the fray, as well.  Hearing the
screams, father Necati Timuçin came to the kitchen and tried
to separate Ayşe hanım from her daughters. 

However, the twins began throwing plates and cups at their
father and Dilan stabbed her mother in the shoulder with a
knife, while Dilara threw a piece of glass at Necati bey,
triggering a heart attack for the poor fellow.  He died at the

The public prosecutor asserted that the twins knew of their
father's heart condition, yet attacked him anyway, and he
asked for 9-year jail sentences for the twins.  Also, Dilan
was charged with attacking her mother but released from jail
after one month.  Nevertheless, the case continues, although
Ayşe hanım does not want her daughters penalized for the
family tragedy. 

kadıköy haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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