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Boss Heard About Ömer, Now Ömer Can Hear

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 5 June 2018)

Patronun aldığı işitme cihazıyla ilk defa duydu
Rather than being a horrible boss, Bayhan's an adorable one.

In Muğla, Ömer Samut (30), who works as a janitor at a car firm,
has been deaf since birth.  But thanks to a device that his boss
bought for him, Samut has heard sounds for the first time. 
Sezgin Bayhan, the general manager of the car firm in Menteşe
district, found out that Samut couldn't hear so he brought him
to Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University Training and Research Hospital
for hearing tests.

The tests indicated that Samut could hear if he had a hearing aid
so Bayhan purchased one for Samut at a cost of 3,750 TL (about
$800).  Samut noted that he has used his and his wife's social
security rights to get devices for his two handicapped children.
He said that "I've been reborn! God willing, my wife will soon
hear like I am."

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