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Are Chicks Rooster or Chickens? These 2 Turks Know

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 3 June 2018)

korelilerin arasında iki türk seksör ile ilgili görsel sonucu
"Is it lunch time yet? I'm thinking anything but KFC."

One of the world's most interesting professions involves determining
whether a chick is a rooster or a chicken (!).  For 100 years Koreans
have dominated this field but now there are two Turks who have
entered the arena.  Okan Kavlak and Mustafa Başpınar earn 32,000
TL per month (about $8,000) as 'sexsörs'working in Hungary these days,
after transferring there 10 months ago.

The two Turks went to Hungary in May 2017 and have worked there
for a year.  The began their professional lives in Ankara 12 years
ago and have worked in Israel, Holland and Russia.   But many times
when the two told people what their profession is the response was
"no way! Only Korean and Japanese do that job!"

Kavlak explained that "our distributor made some agreements with
firms in Austria, Slovakia and Italy for us to go there on weekends
and other days. So we earn extra money this way."  The two 'sexsörs'
deposit their Euro earnings in Turkish banks and plan to make
investments in Turkey.

 chicks ile ilgili görsel sonucu
The job's easier when the chicks wear their hats.

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