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Creep Crawlers Prompt Intense Family Negotiations

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 22 June 2018)

mualla efe ilhami gün ile ilgili görsel sonucu
                      A boy and his gecko.

In Bostanlı, Izmir, Efe Gün (14), the son of retired bankers Mualla
and İlhami Gün, wanted to raise either ants or tarantulas (!) at home. 
Efe's parents were opposed to this idea so, without telling his parents,
Efe saved his money and bought a 'leopard gecko' and brought it
home.  When the parents objected, an argument ensued.

Enter negotiator Feridun Balcı.  A six-month battle ensued
between Efe and his parents.  To break the stalemate, Efe suggested
that he be allowed to raise cockroaches (!) but his parent said that if
the cockroaches come then the gecko would have to go. 

mualla efe ilhami gün ile ilgili görsel sonucu
"So you're the party of the first part, and you're the party
of the second part. Now, go do your homework."

At times, the negotiations went on for 7 hours a day but finally, an
agreement was signed between the parties: the gecko will remain
but no other creature will be allowed in the house and Efe's access
to the internet will be limited.

Negotiator Balcı opined that "Efe is a good negotiator.  Interest
among young people in reptiles and insects has increased.  In the
end, we reached a win-win result between Efe and his parents."

Father İlhami Gün explained that as times during the negotiations
Efe got mad and went to his room,  "nevertheless, we won with
regard to limiting his internet access."  Mother Mualla Gün noted
that "Feridun Balcı's intercession was crucial to getting an agreement.
But we're still arguing so there will be more negotiations to come."

geico gecko ile ilgili görsel sonucu
           The real winner spreads the news.

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