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Revenge Plan Vs. Girlfriend's Dad Almost Works

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 15 June 2018)

musallat aşığın oyunu cemal ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Diabolical mind still in the formative stages. Watch out,
once he gets out of jail!

In Maltepe, Istanbul, Cemal A. (20) and Kübra D. (17) have been
sweethearts for 5 months but the biggest obstacle to their
relationship has been Kübra D.'s father Mustafa D. (42), who
has forbidden them to see one another.

Kübra D. ran away with Cemal A. once but returned home.   As a
result, Cemal A. came up with a revenge plan against Mustafa D.
Cemal A. first got Kübra D. to give him Mustafa D.'s IP address
and ID card number and sent two emails to police, in Musafa D.'s
name, saying "I'll blow up a big bomb in Taksim Square that will be
the end of the treacherous Turks.  With God's permission, I'll
also turn Maltepe into a blood bath!"

A week later, Cemal A. sent another email to police in Mustafa
D.'s name, threatening that "there are many ISIS bomb devices at
(Kübra D.'s) school.  You have one hour to evacuate the school!" 
The school was evacuated amid great panic.  Cemal A.'s intention
was to get Mustafa D. into trouble so he could meet with Kübra D.
more easily.

the fockers eyes on you ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Mustafa D. gave police this proof of him warning Cemal A.

Police researched the emails and called Mustafa D., who thought
the callers were tele-hoodwinkers and hung up.  As a result, police
conducted a raid on Mustafa D.'s house and took him into custody.
Upon hearing the charges, Mustafa D. was flabbergasted and
convinced police that he had not sent the emails, suggesting that
Cemal A. might be the culprit. 

Police then arrested Cemal A., who confessed to sending the
emails.  Kübra D. denied having given Cemal A. her father's
IP address and ID card number.  Cemal A. now faces 7 years
in jail for "making up a crime" and "slander".  He remains free,
pending the trial, which will start in the coming days.

maltepe haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu
                            Maltepe (A)


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