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Homesick Hubby's Acrobatics Fall Flat

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 2 June 2018)

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               A Great Wallenda he's not.

In Bursa's İnegöl district, Samet Ç., who had been forbidden
by a court from going near his wife, went to the house anyway.
When his wife, Russian Tatyana Ç., would not open the door,
Samet Ç. went up on the building's roof and tried to enter the
house by lowering himself onto the balcony with a rope.
However, the rope snapped and Samet Ç. fell to the ground.

Samet Ç. and Tatyana lived in Germany for many years,
moving to İnegöl 5 years ago.  Based on Tatyana's claims of
abuse, Samet Ç. was ordered by a court to stay away from her
for 30 days.  But Samet Ç. wanted to see his kids so he went
to the house in violation of the restraining order.  When Tatyana
wouldn't open the door, Samet Ç. went up to the roof of the 7-
story building and tied one end of a rope to a chimney and the
other end to his waist.

As Samet Ç. tried to lower himself to the house's 5th floor
balcony, the rope snapped and he fell to the concrete below.
Taken to a hospital for treatment, Samet Ç. has a number of
broken bones, as well as internal and brain bleeding.  He
may be paralyzed to some degree henceforth. 

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