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Adana's Stupid Criminals Edition

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 27 June 2018)

Alarm çaldı, ‘içeride unutuldum’ dedi
                  Straight out of central casting.

Police responded to an alarm emanating from a building on
Şinasi Efendi Avenue in Adana's Seyhan district and as they
checked a bar in the building they found an individual drinking
liquor (!).  Umur Ü. explained to police as he was being bundled
into a police car that he was a customer in the bar but had been
forgotten by the bar owner, who locked the establishment while
Umur Ü. was still inside.

Police checked on Umur Ü. and discovered that he had a police
record for assault.  The bar owner was advised of the situation
and Umur Ü. was taken to Yarbaşı Şehit Erdoğan Çıtak police
station for processing.

alarm çaldı iceride unutuldum umur ü ile ilgili görsel sonucu
If you have to be stuck somewhere, a bar's not a bad


türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 27 June 2018)

            See ya' later alligator...much later.

In Adana on 21 June, Hüseyin Yavuz called private security
guard Ahmet Bayçoral and identified himself as "Police
Commissar Kemal", telling Bayçoral that "a jeweler has been
robbed and the suspects left a fake ID card in your name at
the scene of the crime.  We know you're innocent but just
in case we have to compare any gold and jewelry in your
house with that of the jeweler." (!)

In response, Bayçoral told the caller that he had 40,000 TL
(about $8,000) in the bank and would gladly be of help if
he could.  Bayçoral, though, knew that the caller was a
hoodwinker so he got in touch with the police, who gave
Bayçoral fake money to give to Yavuz.  At the meeting spot
police in various disguises, like a simit seller and market
helper, pounced on Yavuz as he took the 'money' from

At the police station, Yavuz claimed that he just happened
to be at the park and was curious about the package in question.
It turned out that in the past month Yavuz had bilked 4 people
out of 280,000 TL (!).  His previous victims ID'd Yavuz and
he was jailed. 

adana haritası ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Adana has been disproportionately good to TNT over 
the years.

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