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Ancient İnscription is Headache for Villager

yalçın kahya (links to original article)

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 6 February 2011)

Yalçın Kahya (38), who lives in Yeniköy village in Yumurtalık district
of Adana province, has a big, big problem and he's losing sleep over it.
His anxiety stems from an ancient inscription on a block in the wall in
his stable that has been consigned under his name. He's worried that it
may be damaged or stolen.

//ed. note: based on the photo accompanying the report, the writing
on the inscription appears to be either Latin or Greek.//

The inscription block had been part of a wall along the village road.
When the wall was taken down twenty years ago, the inscription block
was used in the construction of the stable so that it would be preserved,
at least in some way.  But when news of the inscription appeared in
newspapers in 2009 everything changed for Yalçın Kahya.

The Provincial Culture and Tourism Directorate sent an investigative
team and the inscription block was registered under Kahya's name,
witnessed by the village head man. Kahya, however, is not pleased
and said 'I want this inscription block taken from here right away and
removed from my registration. I don't want to take responsibility for

Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Osman Arık, though, stated
that many such historical treasures are registered in this manner for
protection. He added that 'it's not possible to remove the block and
so we therefore have to register it to the person who owns the property.'
Nevertheless, Arık declared that if Kahya is willing, the inscription
block can be removed and taken to a museum.

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