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Police Say Trumpet Player Off-Key

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 4 February 2011)

Acting on a 'tip', police took trumpet player Onurcan Çağatay (24)
into custody at the opening gala for TRT School Television, attended
by Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan. Cağatay, who plays the trumpet
as a member of the Eskişehir Anatolian Symphony Orchestra, was
released after five hours of interrogation.

Cağatay had come to Ankara on 30 January and practiced with his
colleagues before heading for the MEB concert hall for the opening gala
the next night.  The bus carrying the orchestra members was stopped
by police at 17:40 hours and identity cards were checked. At this
point, police informed Çağatay that 'there's a tip about you' and took
him to the Anti-Terrorism Bureau for five hours of questioning.

Çağatay was released and then explained to the press what had
happened: 'I've participated in competitions in many countries under
the sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture. I won second place in the
world in the U.S. and I was third in Turkey. Besides these, I've won
many awards. When I was taken into custody the police said that
a classmate of mine had informed on me. But I'm not a student. In
the record of the 'tip' it says that the tip call was made from phone
number '11 22 33'. They know as well as I do that there is no such

Continuing, Çağatay said 'I have no criminal record whatsoever. A
month ago I became a member of the Turkey Youth Union (TGB)
via the internet. I was one of those who went to Erzurum to protest
against Prime Minister Erdoğan. When we went to Erzurum the police
made a record of our names. This is why they took me into custody.'

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