21 Şubat 2011 Pazartesi

Grandma Set Ablaze by Angry Grandkids

kuma (links to original article)

(Sabah Newspaper, 20 February 2011)

In Şanlıurfa, a youth who stormed his father's house because the
father had imposed a 'kuma' (spare wife) on the youth's mother,
poured gasoline on his grandmother and burned her when he didn't
find his father at the house. Emine Altun (83) was seriously burned
and is receiving treatment.

The incident occured the night before last in Yakubiye neighborhood.
According to claims, Ibrahim Halil Altun (20), the son of 50 year-old
Mehmet Altun who imposed the kuma on his wife, went to his father's
house together with three siblings at 10 o'clock. Not finding their
father at the house, the offsprings' anger only increased and they
turned their fury on their grandmother, reasoning that she had given
permission for their father to bring in the kuma.

When Emine Altun said that she had supported her son's decision
to take a kuma, Ibrahim Altun flew into a rage, went to grab a bottle
of gasoline and returned to his grandmother. He then poured the gas
over her and lit it. Altun and his siblings then ran away. The elderly
woman ran screaming from the house and neighbors took her to
the hospital. Heavily burned, Emine Altun's condition was described
as serious. After the conflagration the suspects were rounded up.
Ahmet, Abdülkadir and Hatice Altun were released pending trial,
while Ibrahim Halil Altun was arrested.

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