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No Buddhist Son for this Guy!

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(Habertürk Newspaper, 8 February 2011)

Travel-lover Yalçın Özbingöl (50) met Pitsinee Seetheethvaron
during a trip to Thailand four years ago and the two began a
relationship that resulted in the young lady coming to Turkey and
becoming pregnant by Özbingöl.

Özbingöl, however, wanted Pitsinee to have an abortion but the
young woman refused, citing her beliefs, and gave birth to a male
child in her own country in 2007. Özbingöl went to see the baby
for periods ranging from two weeks to two months but he wasn't
allowed to hold the child even once.

Özbingöl then told Pitsinee that he didn't have long to live and
wanted to see his son one last time. He invited Pitsinee to bring
the baby with her to Istanbul which she did, arriving at Özbingöl's
home in Üsküdar on 22 May 2008. Pitsinee claims that while
she was in the bath at Özbingöl's home he abducted the child.

The mother then reported the incident to police and the Thai
embassy. Pitsinee retained a lawyer right away and wrote letters
to the President, Prime Minister and the head of the Turkish
Parliament, asking for help. One month later, Özbingöl emerged
and said in a statement to police that 'the child's mother couldn't
take care of him so she left the child with me.' The Thai mother,
however, filed suit and obtained custody of her son.

Despite all of this, Özbingöl would not give up the child and filed
a custody suit in Adana Family Court, claiming that if he were to
give the child to its mother his son would be raised as a Buddhist.
Özbingöl lost the suit and as a last resort went to a higher court.
He lost there, as well. The child's Thai mother said that if Özbingöl
does not surrender the child she will take custody via the court
that seizes assets.

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