8 Şubat 2011 Salı

Shampoo Charlatan Strikes Out

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 7 February 2011)

In Istanbul, Erdem Ü. knocked on the door of Zeytun G. in Gültepe
on 3 February and said 'I'm introducing a new shampoo. You have
a chance to win a prize.' Erdem Ü. entered Zeytun G.'s home and
showed her the shampoo. Then he took an envelope from his bag,
announcing 'you're very lucky! You've won a plasma TV and 5,200
Turkish Lira worth of gold. But in order to get your prizes you have
to give a deposit.' Hearing this, Zeytun G. took off the gold chain
and necklace around her neck and gave it to Erdem Ü., along with a

After Erdem Ü. disappeared with the gold Zeytun G. and her husband
reported the incident to the police. The Kağıthane police began an
effort to capture the charlatan, about whom there have been a number
of reports in recent days. After searching from street to street for
Erdem Ü., police learned that he had entered a house with the same
'shampoo' pretext. When the police came to the house in question,
Erdem Ü was shocked to see them. After being taken to the police
station, Erdum Ü. was brought before the duty judge and arrested.

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