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Siren Song of a Beauty Brings Ruin

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 7 February 2011)

Ismail Ayekin (55), who lives in Antalya and who retired from a job
working at a prefabricated concrete firm, received a call on his cell
phone six months ago indicating that he should reply to '+359 code
number'. Ayekin did just that and reached a woman who said her
name was Nilay.

Nilay said that she had access to 250,000 Euros but could only get it
if she could go to a non-EU country.  Ayekin then sent amounts
ranging from 100 Euros to 1,500 Euros via Western Union to Nilay,
who said she lived in Bulgaria, so that she could come to Turkey.
Based on the woman's instructions, Ayekin sent a total of 30,000
Turkish Lira, which he raised by getting credit from four banks, selling
his car for 7,000 Turkish Liras, and borrowing 3,000 Turkish Liras
from an old army buddy and his elderly mother.  As Nilay had told
him to do, Ayekin sent the money in the name of one Svetla Sıderova.

When the cellphone number he had been calling the woman at was
shut off on Friday, 4 February, Ayekin realized that he had been
hoodwinked. The married father of a 20 year-old son had this to say:
'My friends said that I would be duped but since I'm in an emotional
vacuum these days I didn't want to believe it. Chatting with a young
girl and feeling close to her blinded me. Now I feel like a fool. Other
than the photograph she sent me, I'm empty-handed. She called and
I longed for her call. In our last conversation she wanted 550 Euros
for a plane ticket and I sent it to her. But then she shut off her phone
and there was no more communication.'

Ayekin said that he has begun to work as a driver to pay back the
debts to the bank and his friends. He added that his relationship with
his wife has suffered, as well.

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