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If Only She'd Used Her Genius for Good...

kamile (links to original article)

The technician killed in Erzurum on the night of 9 February was the
victim of a horrific love crime. It has been determined that the
technician's wife identified herself on the phone as a young girl to a
youth she saw and liked from afar.  She induced the young man to fall
in love with her and then, identifying her husband as an older brother
who was torturing her, had the youth kill her husband.

Recep Inan (30), who worked in the passport office of the Security
Directorate as a technician, was killed by 23 stab wounds in his home
last Wednesday. Inan's 27 year-old wife Kamile Inan, the mother of his
four children, told police that her husband had been killed by a friend
named Orhan who had come to the house to collect payment of a debt.
Orhan was then interrogated by police and he confirmed that Inan owed
him 500 Turkish Lira but added that Inan was repaying him piece by piece
in an effort to close the debt. Witnesses confirmed that Orhan had not
gone to the house on the night of the incident.

Police found a white coat and a pair of shoes near the house and then
cross examined Kamile Inan, whereupon the young woman confessed
everything. According to her statement, she and Recep Inan were from
Hakkari province's Şemdinli district and moved to Erzurum after getting
married. One day when she went back to Şemdinli, Kamile noticed
Keşfettin Öveç (23) and fell in love with him. She then found out Öveç's
phone number and called him, making it appear to be a coincidence.
Kamile identified herself to Öveç as a young single girl named Aysel and
their friendship began.

The friendship's next stage was telephonic love but Öveç wanted to meet
face to face. At this point Kamile hatched her horrific plan, telling Öveç
that her husband of eight years was her older brother and that 'he is
constantly beating and torturing me. He won't let me out of the house.
That's why I can't meet with you.'  Kamile found a picture of a pretty
young girl and sent it to her boyfriend, who fell hopelessly in love.

Kamile kept on complaining about her 'older brother' during her phone
calls with Öveç and convinced the young man that for them to be
together the older brother would have to be taken out of the picture.
Kamile thought of all the fine details of her murder plan and concocted
a lie so that when she came face to face with her boyfried he would
not realize that his correspondant was actually Kamile and not the girl
in the picture.  Kamile told Öveç that 'Aysel' had a heart problem and
would be at a neighbor's house' when Öveç came and that her sister
'Kamile' would open the door for Öveç.

Öveç came to Erzurum from Hakkari and since he had never seen her
face he didn't know that the person who opened the door for him was
actually Kamile Inan. Öveç went to the bedroom and stabbed the
sleeping Recep Inan while Kamile stayed in another room with the
children, telling them that 'your father is talking with someone. Don't
leave the room.'  Kamile had Öveç take off the white coat he was
wearing, thinking that it would attract too much attention. She told
Öveç to 'put on her older brother's coat' and gave him her husband's
coat. In his rush to leave, Öveç couldn't find his own shoes and left
wearing the slippers he had put on.

When Kamile confessed and identified Öveç he was captured in
Ağrı aboad the bus he had boarded to return to Hakkari. It was
at this point that Öveç learned that his girlfriend was not single,
that her name was Kamile and not Aysel, and that the person he
killed was not her older brother but her husband. Recep Inan was
buried in his hometown of Hakkari. Their four children, ranging
from 7 years old to one and a half, were taken to a children's

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