21 Şubat 2011 Pazartesi

Druken Buddies Bet on a Joy Ride

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(Sabah Newspaper, 20 February 2011)

In Istanbul, two drunken buddies made a bet with each other and
commandeered a bus. The night before last, 27 year-old Serdal Y.
and his pal Can B., the same age, met after work in Pendik. The
two buddies bought some alcohol from a liquor store, drinking and
chatting long into the night, and then made a bet about whether they
could steal a car. As the hours passed, the two friends became
thoroughly drunk.

It is alleged that the two pals noticed a bus parked across from where
they were sitting at 2 AM, whereupon Can said to Serdal 'come on,
we're going for a ride. You said I couldn't steal one but I am stealing
one.'  The two friends were able to travel from Pendik to Tuzla with
their stolen bus in one hour, before stopping at a gas station  to buy
something to drink.

While leaving the gas station, though, they hit a gas pump. The two
were caught after the bus owner and the gas station workers informed
on them. Can B. has a rap sheet reflecting 13 separate crimes and
Serdal has four.

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