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Festus Okey Case: Slow Motion Justice

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 9 February 2011)

Nigerian Festus Okey died on Wednesday, 20 August 2007, when,
it is claimed, he was shot in the head while trying to take the gun of
policeman Cengiz Yıldız at the Beyoğu police station after having
been taken into custody on a narcotics charge.

Four lawyers who are members of the Modern Lawyers Association
filed an intervention motion with the court during the latest hearing of
the four year-old case, which took place in the Beyoğlu 4th Serious
Crimes Court. The court committee, however, rejected the motion
and filed a charge against the lawyers, contending that they tried to
interfere with a judicial proceeding and insulted the court.

Yesterday, after the incident ten lawyers, all members of the association,
gathered in front of the Beyoğlu Judiciary Building and made an
announcement, stating that they have filed a complaint about the 4th
Serious Crimes Court committee with the Judges and Prosecutors
Supreme Council (HSYK).

Lawyer Hüseyin Boğatekin said that they will continue to follow the
case and he added that 'the court's desire to punish those who seek
justice rather than the suspect will not deter us. Other than expenses
paid out for stationary and perfunctory matters, there has been no
progress in four years.'


//ed. note: in his column of 10 February 2011, Kanat Atkaya (Hürriyet
Newspaper) noted that Festus Okey 'had come to Istanbul with the
dream of becoming a footballer but landed in the police station and
died. The police claim that Festus Okey shot himself in the head while
trying to take a policeman's gun from his belt! When Festus died he
didn't even have a shirt on! The police station's cameras weren't
working at that time either! Festus Okey was returned to his country
in a casket with the words 'Thank You Turkey' written on it.'//


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