5 Şubat 2011 Cumartesi

Sir Nicolas: Wheels Up!

(Habertürk Newspaper, 4 February 2011)

Hollywood star Nicolas Cage, who has been in Pamukkale for a
week filming the final scene for the film 'Ghostrider Two', has
departed from Denizli. In a statement, Çardak Airport Director
Soner Tuğrul announced that Cage had left yesterday morning
aboard a private plane that had come from Greece to pick him up.
The famous star, together with his wife and children, went to

In this connection, the governor of Denizli province,Yavuz Erkmen,
stated that the Ghostrider Two film will be very beneficial for publicity
and he added that 'having the film shot partly in Denizli will have an
important effect on making us known. The movie will open this
year or early next year and when it does, many more people
will know about Pamukkale.'

The final scenes of Ghostrider Two, staring Oscar-winning actor
Nicolas Cage in the lead role, has been filmed in Pamukkale over
the past week.

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