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Raucous Spice Girls Slam Turkish Grocer

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(Sabah Newspaper, 18 February 2011)

A group of young girls in Bournemouth city in England beat up a
Turk who runs a grocery store there and broke the store's windows.
The attack on Çağdaş Açıkgöz by the five girls, thought to be about
14 years old, was caught on video thanks to the owner of a neighboring
store and the security camera inside the grocery store.

Local police distributed the images and called on people who know
these girls to come forward. In his statement, Açıkgöz said that the
young girls had come to his store two weeks earlier and he had an
argument with them when they began smoking inside the store.

Açıkgöz stated that when the girls came back last saturday he said
he wanted them to leave and he added that 'they cursed at me and
refused to leave. I grabbed one of them lightly by the arm and tried
to usher her outside. At that point, someone hit me from behind.
When they did leave they hit the door and broke the glass. Then
they ran away.' The English newspaper Daily Mail characterized
the five young girls as 'hoodlums'.

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