28 Şubat 2011 Pazartesi

Millions Vouchsafed, Vanished in Liechtenstein

fraud (links to original article)

(Sabah Newspaper,  23 February 2011)

Tourism operator Roza Polat and her partner decided recently to
invest 19.5 million dollars (30 million 830 thousand Turkish Liras),
which they earned from tourism abroad,  in Turkey. So Polat wanted
to withdraw the money, which was in Hong Kong banks, but bank
officials told her that it would be five months before she could get
the money.

Polat looked for a way to bring the money to Turkey in a shorter
time and through the recommendation of a friend she met Eren A.
Identifying himself as a banker and a 30 percent owner of a private
bank, Eren A. said that he could get the money to Turkey in five of
six days. Eren A. won Polat's confidence and she provided him with
her bank password and passport. Eren A., who lives in a fancy
apartment in Beşiktaş,  promptly emtied Polat's account and trans-
ferred the money to a bank in Liechtenstein.

Polat stated that she lost track of the money. Eren A. contiunally
put her off and she said that after three months she still had not
gotten her money back. Polat added that soon afterwards armed
men began threatening her, saying 'two people who were expecting
money from Eren A. seized the promisory note and agreement in
my possession. When I said I would file a complaint they threatened
me with death.' Polat has filed a complaint petition with the Üsküdar
public prosecutor.

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